The new APCRAA CARD has arrived! Each member of the APC Rams Alumni Association is entitled to have an alumni ID card bearing their name, course and graduating batch.

The complete redesign of the APCRAA card also features a half-body shot of the ID holder.

For more information on the APCRAA CARD and its benefits, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the APCRAA CARD?

  • The APCRAA CARD is proof of active membership to the APC Rams Alumni Association.

Who are eligible to get the new APCRAA CARD design?

  • Those who have graduated from any course/degree (senior high school, college, or graduate school) from Batch 2020 onwards will get their APCRAA CARD free of charge. Those who have graduate from batch 2019 and earlier should contact the APC Alumni Affairs office to confirm if their APCRAA CARD (with the old design) is available for pickup.

I graduated before 2011 and as far as I can remember, I have not received my APCRAA CARD. Can I get one for free?

  • The APC Alumni Affairs office together with the IT Resources Office will check if an APCRAA CARD with the old design has been printed before for you. If the records show that there was no ID created for you, you may get the new APCRAA CARD for free.

The Alumni Affairs office issued me with an APCRAA CARD with the old design. Can I get the new design instead?

  • Yes! However, this will be considered as a replacement request since an APCRAA CARD was already made for you.

I lost my old APCRAA CARD and want to get a replacement. Can I request for a new ID?

  • Yes! Please provide an affidavit of loss to the APC Alumni Affairs office and pay P300 to the APC Accounting department for the replacement ID.

My old ID is worn out or faded. Can I request for a replacement ID?

  • Yes! Kindly surrender your worn-out/faded ID to the APC Alumni Affairs office and pay P300 to the APC Accounting department for the replacement ID.

I live abroad and want to get my APCRAA CARD. Can this be accommodated?

  • Yes! Upon registration, please indicate that you are living abroad. Please send your most recent half-body photo (on dark background) to Please note that the requestor will shoulder the shipping cost of the APCRAA CARD. Special arrangements for shipping of the APCRAA CARD should be coordinated properly with APCRAA or APC Alumni Affairs.

Where will the P300 payment for my replacement ID go?

  • The payment will go to the APC alumni fund, which is used used to fund various activities and programs benefiting the APC alumni community.

What are the benefits of the APCRAA CARD?

Here are the benefits of the APCRAA CARD as of November 2023:

  • 20% discount on the use of the APC gymnasium
  • access to the APC fitness center
  • 20% discount on any APC graduate school degree programs
  • Free access to APC shuttle service

APCRAA is currently working on adding more benefits for the APCRAA CARD. Stay tuned to our official social media pages for updates.

I am a business owner or have connections with a business and want to provide benefits for APCRAA CARD holders. Who should I contact to?

  • You may reach out Mr. Dann Wenzley Garcia (APCRAA President) or Mr. Michael Joseph Bueza (Corporate Secretary) through email at

Where do I sign up?