SOE hold annual Consultative Assembly

The Asia Pacific College School of Engineering (SoE) had its annual Consultative Assembly on Saturday, July 13 at at APC Room 209.

Representatives from different batches spanning from 2002 to 2018 attended the meeting.

Engr. Leo Samaniego, SoE Executive Director opened the program and thanked all the attendees. Afterwards, Engr. Sergio Peruda provided updates from the previous school year and the plans to be done this year.

An open discussion was done afterwards. Most of the attendees appreciated the updates, while suggestions such as improvements in the current curriculum and the laboratory equipment were tackled.

The SoE Program Advisory Panel also held their annual meeting earlier. Three alumni and two industry partner members discussed the current trends and needs of the IT and telecom industries and trainings such as advanced MS Excel, introduction to ITIL among others were suggested to be added to the current SoE curriculum.

The SoE consultative assembly was organized in partnership with the APC Alumni Affairs.