APCRAA Basketball Tournament set for Season 4

The Asia Pacific College Rams Alumni Association (APCRAA) is set to hold the 4th season of its annual alumni basketball tournament. The opening ceremonies will be held at the Asia Pacific College Gymnasium on July 7, 2018.

The tournament is open to all Asia Pacific College (APC) alumni who graduated up to the third trimester of school year 2017-18. Graduating students can participate in the tournament, provided that each team can only include up to 5 players. The graduating player should have at most 30 units remaining before finishing his course.

The possibility of having another tournament for the women’s division is still being considered if the minimum requirement of four participating teams will be met.

Interested alumni can form their own team with a minimum of 10 and up to 15 players. Up to eight teams will be accommodated for this season.

For interested alumni who are not affiliated with any registered teams, they can participate with the league’s draft pool by submitting their name, course, year of graduation (year of admission if undergraduate/student), height and playing position via private message at APCRAA’s Facebook page on or before June 23. A dispersal draft will be held the following day with the registered teams selecting from the pool.

Deadline of submission of lineups will be on June 23. A tournament briefing between the basketball tournament committee and team representatives on the same day at Asia Pacific College.

Registration forms and the tournament rules are available at the APCRAA Basketball Tournament website (http://apcraa.web.geniussports.com).

For inquiries, please drop a message through the APCRAA Basketball Tournament Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/apcraabasketball) or through email at apcraa.info@gmail.com.