APCRAA holds first GameCon Lite Nintourney

The Asia Pacific College Rams Alumni Association (APCRAA) held its first GameCon Lite Nintourney on April 6 at the Asia Pacific College Multi-Purpose Hall 1.

The event, which aims to grow the game development awareness within the APC alumni community was spearheaded by the BSIT-GDD graduates of the APCRAA Board headed by John Reniel Geronimo together with the APC Gaming Genesis.

Ten participants joined the Super Smash Brothers tournament while four competed in the Mario Kart.

JoPa Monis became the tournament’s first grand champion by winning the two tournaments.

Monis used the character Isabelle for Smash Brothers and defeated Ethan San Luis who used Ricter at the championship round. Monis also used Isabelle for the Mario Kart tournament after receiving the highest score in the four-race grand prix.

Aside from the two Nintendo Switch games,table top games such as Exploding Kittens, Monopoly and Jenga are available for free play for the GameCon Lite attendees.