APCRAA welcomes new graduates in 2018 General Assembly

The Asia Pacific College Rams Alumni Association (APCRAA) held its annual General Assembly on June 30 at the Asia Pacific College Auditorium.

Majority of the attendees graduated in May 2018 and November 2017. Some of the older batches also attended the organization’s annual event.

APCRAA President Dann Garcia discussed the history of the organization by showing first their audio-visual presentation, which was done in collaboration with the School of Multimedia and Arts. Afterwards, the current plans of the organization were tackled, which includes the opening of the APCRAA Basketball Tournament on July 7, plans for other sports and e-sports tournaments, seminars that will benefit the alumni community, the upcoming 10th year anniversary of APCRAA, as well as the opening of the organization’s official merchandise line.

A question-and-answer portion followed. Suggestions for skils training and seminars, bowling tournament, use of APC facilities such as the newly re-opened gym, and the possibility of having a college ring were discussed.