ASPAC-OGs rematch highlights ABT 2018 season opening night

The finalists for last season’s APCRAA Basketball Tournament (ABT) squares off as the league’s 4th season opens shop on July 7 at the APC Gymnasium.

This season will have eight participating teams, the highest since the alumni tournament was revived in 2015.

The ASPAC-OGs match will be the second game of the Opening Night’s triple header at 6:30 pm. Both teams competed in a very close championship match last season with Team ASPAC winning the crown, 88-83. Both Team ASPAC and OGs will play this season with a similar roster from last year, with a few additional players.

Meanwhile, the game between Team Bumblebees and Team Titans (known last year as Team Cavs) will be the season’s curtainraiser at 5pm. Incidentally, this was also the first game of last season’s tournament. Bumblebees kept most of its players from last season with two new players added to their roster. Team Titans had a major revamp, getting mostly APC employees and three Senior High School alumni to their team.

Team Alpha will face newcomer Team Knights and will serve as the nightcap of this year’s opening night at 8:00 pm. Team Knights composes of players coming from Team Alpha and Team Titans.

All games will have realtime game statistics webcast via FIBA LiveStats. Links will be provided at the league’s tournament website ( as well as their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

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