Francisco grabs back-to-back MVP award; women’s awards given

Jen Francisco of Team Predators became the first back-to-back Most Valuable Player awardee in APCRAA Basketball Tournament history at the ABT Annual Awards for the Women’s Division on Saturday, October 12 at the Asia Pacific College gymnasium.

Averaging 9.75 points, 17.25 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game, Francisco is the runaway winner of the MVP award after gaining the highest statistical points and ABT board votes.

Besides the MVP awards, other individual citations were given for the women’s division:

Mythical 5
Jen Francisco (Predators)
Chantal Saldivar (Hydra)
Marion Chloe Cambay (BNS)
Jiezl-Ann Turo (Predators)
KC Carrillo (BNS)

Rookie of the Year: Jiezl-Ann Turo (Predators)

Defensive Player of the Year: KC Carrillo (BNS)


Most Improved Player: Michelle Alison (Predators)